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Parliament Matters

SI. No. Guideline ID Subject OM No OM Date Documents / Details
1 GL-93410 Extending courtesies towards Members of parliament-reg. DPE OM No. GM/0081/2014-GM-FTS-2163 23/12/2019 Download (4.75 MB) pdf
2 GL-92656 Enterprises to State Government for answering Question in the State Legislatures DPE OM No.42011/23/2004-Admn.GL-I dated 10th February, 2005 10/02/2015 Download (650.54 KB) pdf
3 GL-92657 Extending courtesies towards Members of Parliament DPE OM No. 0081/2014-GM-FTS-2163 dated 29th December, 2014 29/12/2014 Download (3.78 MB) pdf
4 GL-92655 Presentation of Gifts To Members of Parliamentary Committees. BPE OM No. 2(76)/73-BPE(GM-I) dated 7th December, 1973) 07/12/1973 Download (130.02 KB) pdf
5 GL-92654 Admissibility of Questions relating to Public Enterprises in Parliament. BPE No. 2(35)/68-BPE(GM) dated 4th June, 1969 04/06/1969 Download (33.27 KB) pdf
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