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SI. No. Guideline ID Subject OM No OM Date Documents / Details
1 GL-93676 Mentorship scheme in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) F. No. 13-1-2020-MGMT 31/03/2021 Download (2.56 MB) PDF
2 GL-93721 Periodical review for ensuring probity and efficacy among employees of CPSEs. DPE-GM-01-0001-2015-GM-FTS-4857 14/12/2020 Download (1.98 MB) pdf
3 GL-93723 Atma Nirbhar Bharat initiative of the Government - requirement of skilled manpower regarding. F. No. SD-17-20412017-Ecoriomic and Policy Wing-Vol (2) 04/11/2020 Download (354.84 KB) pdf
4 GL-93722 Guidelines for conducting written examination for persons with benchmark disabilities-reg. File No 22-07-2020-DD-III 09/09/2020 Download (2.78 MB) pdf
5 GL-93720 Economic Instructions Printing Activities. DPE-GM-12-0004-2019-FTS-10562 03/09/2020 Download (1.03 MB) pdf
6 GL-93719 Applicability of DoPT guidelines on Verification of Character and Antecedents of Ex-Servicemen and Ex-Central Government employees selected for appointment in CPSEs regarding F No 18011-8(s)-2017-Estt(B) 15/07/2020 Download (3.82 MB) pdf
7 GL-93718 Recruitment Process followed in CPSEs. DPE-GM-12-0001-2015-FTS-3756 24/06/2020 Download (123.52 KB) pdf
8 GL-93717 Amendment order in reference to change of status of CVC from Member to Observer in respect of committee formed on the subject matter of Complaints against CMDs Chief Executives Functional Directors Non official Directors(NoDs) etc. of CPSEs PSBs PLS PSIC DPE-GM-15(1)-2010-DPE(GM)-FTS-2874 11/05/2020 Download (101.97 KB) pdf
9 GL-93716 Settlement of commercial disputes between Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSES) inter se and CPSE(s) and Government Department(s) Organization(s) Administrative Mechanism for Resolution of CPSEs Disputes (AMRCD). DPE-GM-12-0005-2019-GM-FTS-10714 27/03/2020 Download (782.66 KB) pdf
10 GL-93715 Mechanism for resolving Inter-Ministerial Departmental legal Disputes. DPE-GM-05-0003-201 9-FTS-1 0937 20/02/2020 Download (1.57 MB) pdf
11 GL-93714 Mechanism for resolving Inter-Ministerial Departmental legal Disputes. DPE-GM-05-0003-2019-FTS-10937 13/02/2020 Download (414.78 KB) pdf
12 GL-93713 lmptementation of Apprenticeship in CPSES. No. DPE-GM-0050-201 4-GM-FTS-1 980 08/01/2020 Download (6.78 MB) pdf
13 GL-93550 lmptementation of Apprenticeship in CPSES. No. DPE/GM-0050/201 4-GM-FTS-1 980 08/01/2020 Download (6.78 MB) pdf
14 GL-93712 Extending courtesies towards Members of parliament-reg. F No Ml0081-2014-GM-FTS-2163 23/12/2019 Download (4.75 MB) pdf
15 GL-93711 Amendment to consolidated Model CDA Rules 12(4) and 14-A for Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs), 2019. No 1 5(07)-99-DPE-GM-VOL-l I l-FTS-2344 09/10/2019 Download (1.76 MB) pdf
16 GL-93710 Appointment of Security Personnel in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) from Ex-servicemen Security Agencies sponsored by the Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR). DPE-GM-12-0001-2016-GM-FTS-5410 14/02/2019 Download (120.6 KB) pdf
17 GL-93709 Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) posts. F No 20(10)-99-DPE-GM-Part-2019-FTS-1517 01/02/2019 Download (9.99 MB) pdf
18 GL-93708 Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections (EWSs) in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) posts. F No 20(10)-99-DPE-GM-Part-2019-FTS-1517 25/01/2019 Download (3.35 MB) pdf
19 GL-93707 Procurement of common use Goods and Services through Government e-Marketplace (GeM)- reg. No DPE-GM-12-0003-2016-GM-FTS-5670 05/11/2018 Download (394.42 KB) pdf
20 GL-92679 Implementation of the Apprenticeship Act in CPSEs - regarding. DPE OM No. DPE/GM 0050/2014-GM FTS-1980 dated 17th May 2018 17/05/2018 Download (233.45 KB) pdf
21 GL-92678 Publicise vacancies & making available publically scores and rankings of candidates in the recruitment examination through National Career Services Portal (NCSP) by CPSEs - regarding DPE OM No. DPE-GM-12/0003/2016-GM-FTS-5670 dated 20th September, 2017 20/09/2017 Download (4.32 MB) pdf
22 GL-92677 Provision for PNG supply in residential colonies of CPSE employees-regarding DPE OM No. DPE-GM-12/0003/2017-GM-FTS-7878 dated 11th August 2017 11/08/2017 Download (1022.55 KB) pdf
23 GL-92676 Promotion on Digital mode of transfer of money in day-to-day affairs-regarding DPE OM No. DPE-GM-12/0006/2016-JS(Admn.)/FTS-6587 dated 7th December,2016 07/12/2016 Download (1.33 MB) pdf
24 GL-92675 Availability of skill/trade training facilities of CPSEs for training of youth DPE OM No. CRR-1/11/2002/2015-JS(VRS)/FTS-4407 dated 26th May 2016 26/05/2016 Download (2.33 MB) pdf
25 GL-92673 Policy on Promotion of City Compost-reg. DPE OM No. DPE-GM-12/0002/2016-GM/FTS-5543 dated 5th May,2016 05/05/2016 Download (2.74 MB) pdf
26 GL-92672 Action Plan regarding recommendations contained in the presentation of 8 Groups of Secretaries-regarding. DPE OM No. DPE-GM-12/0003/2016-GM-FTS-5670 dated 28th April, 2016 28/04/2016 Download (606 KB) pdf
27 GL-92671 Recruitment of meritorious sports persons in CPSEs. DPE OM No. DPE-GM-13/0012/2015-GM-FTS-4288 dated 29the February, 2016 29/02/2016 Download (564.3 KB) pdf
28 GL-92670 Adopting Electronic Payment Framework and mandatory use of Public Financial Management System (PFMS) for Government funds transfer DPE OM No.-GM/0209/2014-GM/FTS-3113 dated 13th August, 2015) 13/08/2015 Download (1.26 MB) pdf
29 GL-92669 Citizen charter in CPSEs. DPE OM No. DPE-GM/0001/2015-GM/FTS-3207 dated 19th January, 2015 19/01/2015 Download (1.16 MB) pdf
30 GL-92668 Letter dated 3rd December 2003 from Ministry of Environment and Forests- Honble Supreme Courts order dated 14.10.2003 on Auction of Hazardous Wastes by PSUs through Unit registered with MoEF having ESM facilities and not through open auction DPE OM No. 16(2)/2004-DPE(GM)/GL-54 dated 12th January 2004 12/01/2004 Download (805.75 KB) pdf
31 GL-92667 Description in Hindi on the Commodities Manufactured by the Public Enterprises. BPE OM No. 16/11/89-GM dated 9th May, 1989 09/05/1989 Download (144.12 KB) pdf
32 GL-92666 Grant of Permission to Public Sector Employees to Join Territorial Army-Extension of Facilities to Public Sector Employees on the Lines of Facilities Available to Central Govt. Employees. BPE OM No. 17(1)/88-GM dated 8th February, 1988 08/02/1988 Download (163.31 KB) pdf
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